NXG Modular IP Video System

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NXG Modular IP Video System

Blonder Tongue's NXG Video Delivery System solutions are highly customizable, module-based IP digital video processing platforms designed for delivering next-generation video services on any generation of coax or ethernet wiring without replacing existing infrastructure. The carrier-grade, 5-rack unit NXG Platform features hot-swappable blades for complete customization to meet the specific technological needs of any broadcast facility or enterprise location, including hospitality, educational, MDU residential, healthcare, business parks, or stadiums.

Designed for the specific needs of Edge delivery, the NXG Edge Max can significantly reduce rack space, power, and cost requirements compared to traditional solutions, and can replace thousands of set-top boxes with a single NXG device. Also featuring hot-swappable blades and dual-redundant power supplies, the NXG Edge Max is a cost-saving platform for cable operators and their customers, as well as offering massive improvements towards sustainability, as the NXG Edge Max can greatly reduce power consumption and reduce material waste.

A future-proof system, the NXG Video Delivery System and the NXG Edge Max offer customizable solutions for each deployment.

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