Our Leadership Team, comprised of dedicated individuals with combined experience of over 65 years, is led by our President and Chief Executive Officer, Ted Grauch.

Ted Grauch Photo

Ted Grauch

President and Chief Executive Officer

Edward R. “Ted” Grauch currently serves as our Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Grauch was appointed as our President in May, 2019 and assumed the additional role as Chief Executive Officer on January 1, 2020. Prior to his appointment as President, Mr. Grauch served as our Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since October 30, 2018. Immediately prior to joining the Company, he served as President of Kaon USA, Inc., the US subsidiary of South Korea-based Kaonmedia Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest Set-Top and Broadband device manufacturers, where his responsibilities included all management, finance, and technology marketing, competing within the North American market as a major electronics supplier.

Mr. Grauch previously served at Comcast/Xfinity as Vice President, Head of Video CPE at their Philadelphia headquarters, and with ST Microelectronics in Grenoble, France as Vice President, head of global marketing and as a Senior Vice President at Nagravision SA. Mr. Grauch holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Drexel University.

Eric Skolnik Photo

Eric Skolnik

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Eric S. Skolnik has been a Senior Vice President since May, 2003 and our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer since May, 2001. Mr. Skolnik also serves as our Secretary since May 2018. Mr. Skolnik served as our Assistant Secretary from May 2001 through May 2018 and as our Interim Chief Financial Officer from January, 2001 through April, 2001. He was our Corporate Controller from May, 2000 through January, 2001. From 1994 until May, 2000, Mr. Skolnik worked as a certified public accountant with BDO USA, LLP. Mr. Skolnik holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Rutgers University.

Ron Alterio Photo

Ronald Alterio

Senior Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

Ronald V. Alterio has been Senior Vice President-Engineering, Chief Technology Officer since January 23, 2020. Prior to his appointment as Senior Vice President, Mr. Alterio served as our Vice President-Engineering, Chief Technology Officer since July 23, 2018. From 2016 until he joined the Company, Mr. Alterio served as Vice President – Engineering of ARRIS, following ARRIS’ acquisition of Pace plc. Mr. Alterio served in a variety of positions at the Pace Americas unit of Pace plc since 2000. His titles ranging from Junior Software engineer to Senior Vice President Engineering of the Americas. In his time at Pace, Mr. Alterio was also a prime interface to Comcast Cable, as well as other Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 MSO’s. Mr. Alterio holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Florida, where he attended after leaving the US Air force in 1995.

Allen Horvath Photo

Allen Horvath

Senior Vice President, Operations

Allen Horvath has been our Senior Vice President-Operations since January 23, 2020. Prior to his appointment as Senior Vice President, Mr. Horvath served as our Vice President-Operations since May, 2013 and as our Vice President-Manufacturing since May, 2003 and is responsible for our manufacturing operations. Mr. Horvath served as our Manufacturing Manager from 1998 until May, 2003. Since 1976, Mr. Horvath has served us in various management positions in the areas of production testing, engineering, quality control and manufacturing.