NXG System Kit

Module-Based IP Digital Video Platform


Product Overview

The NXG System Kit, containing the Mainframe Chassis, Controller Module, and Power Supply, is a powerful 5RU set up that allows for complete customization based on specific technological needs.

The NXG System Kit offers a comprehensive solution for advanced IP digital video delivery. With its 12-slot module chassis and powerful controller module supporting IP input or output, the kit provides a flexible and customizable platform for tailored deployments. The inclusion of enterprise-class hot-swappable power supplies ensures long-term, reliable operation. Build your ideal solution by selecting from a wide range of NXG input, output, or processing modules to seamlessly integrate and enhance service delivery performance.

The NXG addresses the challenges of migrating to future IP-DRM content protection practices while supporting today’s CableCARD® ingest encryption.

Key Features:

  • IP routing and traffic management
  • System configuration and management via a powerful Linux-based monitoring and control system
  • Internal IP controller module provides IP input or output, freeing up a slot for other modules
  • Module interconnection via 60 Gbps capacity high-speed backplane
  • Hot-Swappable Power Supplies and Fans
  • Distributes DC power to various sections and modules via 2 fully-redundant power supplies

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 18.6 × 19 × 8.72 in

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