Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Solutions

Process programs securely across the public Internet for point-to-point applications with the Blonder Tongue SRT Series of Encoders and Transmodulators. These SRT-enabled devices can effectively reduce the costs of dedicated fiber backhauling, while also allowing operators the flexibility they need to provide redundant sources, eliminating single point of failure concerns as well. Launch your next generation of IP video processing with Blonder Tongue’s SRT Secure Transport devices.

Encoding Solutions

The CV HD2X QAM IP outputs two (2) SRT or Unicast/Multicast MPEG SPTS formats. IP Output support via SFP Fiber adapter or RJ45 Ethernet with separate RJ45 for control port. Convenient IP Reset switch on front panel for admin support.

Key Features

  • HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 in CBR, SPTS or MPTS
  • QAM Modulator with PSI Creation for Digital TV Display
  • 2x IP/SRT or Unicast/Multicast SPTS IP Outputs
  • Includes IP Output support via SFP Fiber adapter or RJ45 Ethernet module

The CV HDMI2 QAM IP is a dual channel encoder/player that accepts up to two (2) HD or SD programs from two (2) rear panel HDMI input connectors or it can loop a video file from its internal file store. The encoder has the capability to output two (2) SRT streams or Unicast/Multicast SPTS.

Key Features

  • QAM Modulates (2) HDMI inputs into (1) QAM channel
  • Encodes video to MPEG-2, H.264, or HEVC and audio to Dolby® Digital AC3 and AAC
  • IP output up to (2) SRT or Unicast/Multicast SPTS
  • Internal File Store and Player – Up to 512 MB video file with looping player (per output channel)

Transmodulation Solutions

SRT transmit functionality allows the Aircaster® AQT8 series of transmodulators to be used at remote receive sites. This configuration supports secondary or redundant program ingest capability and enables operators to receive fringe stations more clearly from remote receiver locations.

Key Features

  • Supports SRT Error Correction for Remote IP Applications
  • Encrypted QAM sources can be mapped to IP MPTS or SPTS formats in Pass-Through mode for Remote PHY and Switch Digital applications
  • 2:1 Multiplex Mode to configure (8) ATSC 1.0 off-air channels to (4) MPTS for QAM
  • Provides up to (8) QAM-256 outputs, agile from 54 to 1002 MHz within a 768 MHz span

SRT Video Content Delivery

Application Example Diagram

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