Firmware Updates

Need an Update?

The link below will navigate you to our FTP site, where you can download the latest software and firmware revisions for both Blonder Tongue and RL Drake products. Please be careful to download the correct file(s) for your particular unit, as there may be more than one model version available depending on the hardware used.

Use the Stock Number, rather than the Model Name, to search for your requested update. Typically, Blonder Tongue uses a 4-digit stock number,  with subsequent hardware revisions indicated by a letter at the end (####A).  RL Drake products use numbers that start with 100xxxx.  Installing the wrong files can crash the unit, requiring it to be returned to BT for repair!

For a quick look at our latest updates – Click Here

Note: If the download site is offline please contact us.

Firmware Update Notifications

You can always check our Firmware Drive to see the latest firmware for your unit. Want to be kept informed whenever there is a Firmware Update to a specific product? Complete the form below and we'll send you a notice when there are any new developments.

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