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  • QTM-HD-4 QTM-HD-4


    QAM Transmodulator Module

    The QTM-HD-4 (QAM Transmodulator Module) contains four (4) independent transmodulators in a single module. Each of these transmodulators can accept one (1) QPSK or 8PSK input, and output four (4) QAM in the 54-864 MHz range.

    An integrated satellite selector switch allows operators to select any QPSK/8PSK input from up to four (4) different satellites without the need for a separate external multi-switch.

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    The four (4) RF QAM output channels can be grouped in any 42 MHz-wide span, for example (i) grouped consecutively in a 24 MHz-wide span, or (ii) grouped as two pairs of adjoining RF channels, each 12 MHz-wide, or (iii) provide any other possible combination of 4x 6 MHz-wide channels placed in a 42 MHz-wide span.

    The QTM-HD-4-NPU functions the same as the QTM-HD-4, but with a “Null Packet” feature that allows adding/removing null packets to/from the input stream.

    The QTM-HD-4-PF functions the same as the QTM-HD-4-NPU, but with a “Program Filtering” feature that allows removal of program streams to fit in a 38.81 Mbps 256 QAM channel.

    All QTM-HD-4 modules can be monitored and controlled via GUI-based web pages.

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  • DMM-5500-PoE DMM-5500-PoE


    DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Module

    The DMM-5500-PoE is a DOCSIS 3.0/2.0 compliant cable modem expansion module designed for compatibility and support with the LG STB 5500 serving Commercial TV and Lodging deployments. The DMM-5500-PoE features a built-in Ethernet switch that enables the unit to communicate with the LG STB 5500, and offers two additional RJ45 switched ports, one of which supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) providing Wireless Access Point (WAP) compatibility.

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    The DMM-5500-PoE also supports Q-in-Q VLAN tagging. This feature provides property system management the ability to isolate traffic by VLAN - VLAN, unicast - multicast, and port - port for the utmost in guest data delivery security and efficiency.

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  • FIBT-1310 Series FIBT-1310

    FIBT-1310 Series

    1310nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

    The FIBT-1310 (Fiber Optic Transmitter) is an ideal solution to seamlessly transport extremely high speed digital data over single mode optical fiber. The product is specifically designed to transport data streams which maintain conformance with the DOCSIS 3.1 standards and/or were generated utilizing high order quantization techniques, such as QAM 1024, 8PSK, AND COFDM.

    FIBT-1310 Series Models:
    • FIBT-1310-06 (7603 6) | +6dBm output
    • FIBT-1310-10 (7603 10) | +10dBm output
    • FIBT-1310-13.5 (7603 135) | +13.5dBm output
    • FIBT-1310-15 (7603 15) | +15dBm output

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    The transmitter is available in power output levels ranging from +6 dBm (4 mW) to +15 dBm (31 mW) to satisfy various system topologies and supports an increased band-edge to 1218 MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 applications.

    The FIBT-1310 is built with a directly modulated DFB laser, providing low noise and high linearity performance. The RF AGC and pre-distortion circuit insures the optimum laser drive level for the best overall CNR, CSO, and CTB operation.

    Laser output power, unit temperature, and RF input level are accurately monitored by a built-in microprocessor shown on the front panel LCD display, in addition to the unit function messages. Remote status monitoring is provided through SNMP network management.

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  • BTPRO-8000S BTPRO-8000S


    Professional Satellite, TV, CATV and Optical Analyzer

    The BTPRO-8000S is a professional HD Tablet/Touch Analyzer with a frequency range of 4 to 2610 MHz.  The analyzer features a 7-inch 16:9 color display touchscreen, is compact in size, and lightweight.

    The BTPRO-8000S is ideal for analyzing and logging in the lab or out in the field - HD/SD QPSK/8PSK Satellite, COFDM, QAM, NTSC, DVBS/S2 Broadcast, as well as Fiber Optic, and Wi-Fi signals.

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    AutoDiscovery System automatically detects and selects analog and digital COFDM/QAM TV signals in both Measurement and Spectrum modes
    Help Function automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation - SAT, TV, and CATV
    Digital Measurements include Digital Power, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin, MER vs Carrier
    Automatic Assistant provides Signal Quality analysis, Channel Scan memorization
    Barscan TV & CATV Function tests from 10 to 100 channels on one (1) screen
    Buzzer & Noise Margin provided via real time graph
    USB on the go for long term logging and storage
    Remote Monitoring and Control capability
    Memory Functions supported - Auto, Manual, and Logger

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  • Clearview 4:2 Clearview 4:2

    Clearview 4:2

    24 Channel MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 High-Definition IP Transcoder

    Key Features

    • H.264 to MPEG-2 transcodes up to 24 HD or SD programs
    • Full 1080p HD support, IP input to IP output
    • Compatible with Technicolor's COM3000 DirecTV receivers
    • Compatible with the NXG Platform to support on-site bulk transcoding applications

    The Clearview 4:2 is a professional grade, low cost per stream transcoder that can transcode up to twenty-four (24) HD or SD programs from H.264 (MPEG-4) to MPEG-2 output in a 1RU form factor. The unit accepts unicast H.264 IP video transport streams and re-encodes the video content to HD or SD MPEG-2 transport streams for IP Unicast delivery.

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    The transcoder can be configured to receive up to twenty-four (24) H.264 AES-128 encrypted IP channels from Technicolor’s COM3000/2000 satellite receivers. The Clearview 4:2 decrypts the AES-128 content, transcodes the decrypted content into MPEG-2 format while preserving DirecTV “forensic watermarking”, and returns the content to the Technicolor COM3000/2000 devices. The Clearview 4:2 will also accept “in the clear” H.264 content.

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Where we are

Our products are found in all kinds of commercial and business deployments, including lodging and hospitality, MDUs, broadcast studios, educational institutions, healthcare facilities (hospitals, express care and fitness centers), governmental facilities and offices, prisons, airports, sports stadiums and arenas, entertainment venues, casinos, retail stores, and small businesses. The list is long, and the opportunities are significant.

    • Denver International Airport (Denver, CO)
    • Dulles International Airport (Washington, DC)
    • Baltimore/Washington International Airport
    • USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (New York, NY)
    • Coors Field - MLB Stadium of Rockies (Denver, CO)
    • Scottrade Center - NHL Arena (St. Louis, MO)
    • Oriole Park - MLB Stadium (Baltimore, MD)
    • NFL Headquarters of Ravens (Baltimore, MD)
    • Tampa Bay Times Forum - RNC 2012 (Tampa, FL)
    • Carnegie Hall - Concert Venue (New York, NY)
    • Monmouth Park Racetrack - Thoroughbred (Oceanport, NJ)
    • CenturyLink Field - NFL Stadium of Seahawks (Seattle, WA)
    • Hilton Hotels (Worldwide)
    • Marriott Hotels (Worldwide)
    • MGM Grand - Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
    • Trump - Commercial & Residential Towers (New York, NY)
    • Venetian Resort Hotel (Macao, Hong Kong)
    • Peppermill Resort & Casino (Reno, NV)
    • Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking (New York, NY)
    • Goldman Sachs - Investment Banking (Tokyo)
    • Schlumberger - Oil Tankers and Drilling Platforms
    • Platinum Yachts FZCO - Luxury Yachts (Utd. Arab Em.)
    • Aramco Oil - Residential Camps (Saudi Arabia)
    • Francesco Baglietto & Figlio - Marine Supplier (Italy)
    • The White House
    • Camp David
    • United States Air Force Bases (Worldwide)
    • United States Army Bases (Worldwide)
    • United States Marine Corps Bases (Worldwide)
    • U.S. Department of State (Washington, DC)
    • Purdue University (Indiana)
    • NYU (New York, NY)
    • Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
    • Drew University (Madison, NJ)
    • Palm Beach County School System (West Palm, FL)
    • Walt Disney Pictures
    • CNN Headquarters
    • Lifetime Network
    • Time Warner
    • Comcast Cable Systems
    • CBS TV Studios
    • NBC TV Studios
    • FOX News Studios

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Blonder Tongue Announces Receipt of Notice of Delisting from NYSE American

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