NXG EDGE System Kit

2RU NXG Mainframe Chassis with Edge Controller Module


Product Overview

The NXG EDGE is a 2 RU version of Blonder Tongue’s NXG, designed and priced for Edge video delivery. Each NXG Edge System comes equipped with a mainframe chassis, IP edge controller module including IP input or output capability, and enterprise-class integrated power supply. Customers can purchase up to 3 existing NXG input, output, or processing modules to create individually customized solutions for each deployment.

Key Features

  • Master Controller now includes integrated IP input or output and IP Whitelisting
  • 2RU Form-factor Chassis Supports 3 NXG modules + IP Edge Controller
  • IP Routing and Traffic using Linux-based Monitoring and Control System
  • System Configuration and Remote Management
  • SFP+, Gigabit Ethernet, or QAM Content Input with Optional Module


  • IP Edge QAM from SFP+ or Gigabit Ethernet Sources
  • QAM to IP with Multicast or Unicast Support
  • IP to IP with Multicast Translation or Unicast Termination
  • Wide Range of DRM & Encryption/Decryption Options

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 19 × 3.5 in

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