Professional Satellite, TV, CATV, and Optical Analyzer

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Product Overview

The BTPRO-8000S is a professional HD Tablet/Touch Analyzer with a frequency range of 4 to 2610 MHz.  The analyzer features a 7-inch 16:9 color display touchscreen, is compact in size, and is lightweight.

The BTPRO-8000S is ideal for analyzing and logging in the lab or out in the field – HD/SD QPSK/8PSK Satellite, COFDM, QAM, NTSC, as well as Fiber Optic, and Wi-Fi signals.

Key Features

  • AutoDiscovery System automatically detects and selects analog and digital COFDM/QAM TV signals in both Measurement and Spectrum modes
  • Help Function automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation – SAT, TV, and CATV
  • Digital Measurements include Digital Power, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin, MER vs Carrier
  • Automatic Assistant provides Signal Quality analysis, Channel Scan memorization
  • Barscan TV & CATV Function tests from 10 to 100 channels on one (1) screen
  • Buzzer & Noise Margin provided via real-time graph
  • USB on the go for long-term logging and storage
  • Remote Monitoring and Control capability
  • Memory Functions supported – Auto, Manual, and Logger

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 1.58 × 10.63 × 6.10 in

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