RMDA 86A-30

Rack Mounted Two-Way Distribution Amplifier

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Product Overview

The RMDA 86A-30 (with active return path) are rack-mounted 2-way broadband distribution amplifiers. Utilizing push-pull hybrid amplifier technology, they are ideal for MATV, SMATV or CATV applications. The amplifiers have a forward bandwidth of 54 – 860 MHz with a gain of 30 dB. The reverse-path of 5-40 MHz is field configurable for active or passive operation.

The RMDA 86A-30 amplifier has built-in variable gain controls on both the forward and reverse paths. The amplifier has a return gain of about 22 dB when in the active mode. Lower operating gains can be achieved by adjusting the variable attenuator. A forward path variable slope control is provided inter-stage as is the variable gain control. The unit can be attenuated over a range of 10 dB in the forward path and 18 dB in the return path. Gain and slope controls are located on the front panel for easy set-up and adjustment.

Additionally, a fixed forward equalizer and forward and reverse attenuator plug-ins can be installed for further signal conditioning at the input to the amplifier. Two -30 dB back-matched test ports at the input and output are provided for monitoring both forward and reverse signal levels without interrupting service.

Push-pull, hybrid IC modules enable the RMDA 86A-30  to operate at high output levels while retaining low distortion characteristics. The amplifier is housed in a 1RU aluminum chassis that is designed to provide excellent heat dissipation, allowing operation at high ambient temperatures with no degradation of performance or reliability.

Key Features

  • Provides Two-Way Capability with an Active or Passive Return Path Set by Field-Changeable Jumpers
  • Hybrid IC Circuitry for High Output with Low Distortion
  • Front Panel Gain and Slope Controls for Easy Adjustments
  • Forward Path Input-Side Plug-In Fixed Attenuator and Cable Equalizer for Optimum Performance
  • Return Path Output-Side Fixed Attenuator for Optimum Performance
  • Externally Accessible Test Points Permit In-Service Testing
  • External “UL Listed” Power Transformer

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.13 × 19 × 1.75 in

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