RMDA 1000-42P

Rack Mounted Distribution Amplifier

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Product Overview

The RMDA 1000-42P is a completely self-contained broadband distribution amplifier, designed specifically for signal distribution systems requiring the low distortion characteristics only available using hybrid CATV integrated circuits. With a forward bandwidth of 54 to 1000 MHz and a gain of 42 dB, the RMDA 1000-42P is useful in either systems that use a “cable drop” as a signal source or as the launch amplifier in a headend.

The RMDA 1000-42P features power doubling hybrid amplifier technology for high RF output levels and low distortion. The amplifier provides flat operating gain which can be reduced with a variable attenuator. Gain and Slope controls are located on the front panel for fast set-up and adjustment. The unit is housed in a 1RU aluminum chassis, providing exceptional heat dissipation and allowing operations at high ambient temperatures with no degradation of performance or reliability. Two -30 dB test points at the input and output are provided to permit testing without interruption of service.

Key Features:

  • Forward Path Bandwidth of 54 to 1000 MHz, Gain of 42 dB
  • Hybrid IC Circuitry for High Output with Low Distortion
  • Power-Doubling Hybrid Amplifier Technology
  • Front Panel Gain and Slope Controls for Easy Adjustment
  • Exceptional Temperature Stability through Large Heat Sink Design

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 19.0 × 1.75 in

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