QAM Transmodulator Power & Control Module

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Product Overview

The QTPCM-4 (QAM Transmodulator Power Control Module) and QTPCM-4-PF (QAM Transcoder Power Control Module with Program Filter Support) provides control and monitoring of QTM-HD-4 (6243) and QTM-HD-PLUS (6242) transmodulator modules via GUI based web pages. Local or remote control via the Internet is accomplished with any computer running a standard web browser.

The QTPCM-4 will power up to four (4) QTM-HD-4 (2 slot width) or four (4) QTM-HD-4-NPU (2 slot width); eight (8) QTM-HD-Plus (1 slot width); or a combination of modules all housed in a QTRC (stk# 6233A) rack chassis. The 3RU chassis, when fully loaded with four (4) QTM-HD-4 or (4) QTM-HD-4-NPU and a QTPCM-4, will transmodulate sixteen (16) QPSK/8PSK satellite transponders to sixteen (16) QAM channels.

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Weight 5.75 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 4.5 × 5.25 in

Base Unit, Program Filtering Unit

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