QTM-HD-4 Series

QAM Transmodulator Modules


Product Overview

The QTM-HD-4 (QAM Transmodulator Module) contains four (4) independent transmodulators in a single module. Each of these transmodulators can accept one (1) QPSK or 8PSK input, and output four (4) QAM in the 54-864 MHz range.

An integrated satellite selector switch allows operators to select any QPSK/8PSK input from up to four (4) different satellites without the need for a separate external multi-switch.

The four (4) RF QAM output channels can be grouped in any 42 MHz-wide span, for example (i) grouped consecutively in a 24 MHz-wide span, or (ii) grouped as two pairs of adjoining RF channels, each 12 MHz-wide, or (iii) provide any other possible combination of 4x 6 MHz-wide channels placed in a 42 MHz-wide span.

The QTM-HD-4-NPU functions the same as the QTM-HD-4, but with a “Null Packet” feature that allows adding/removing null packets to/from the input stream.

The QTM-HD-4-PF functions the same as the QTM-HD-4-NPU, but with a “Program Filtering” feature that allows removal of program streams to fit in a 38.81 Mbps 256 QAM channel.

All QTM-HD-4 modules can be monitored and controlled via GUI-based web pages from any computer locally or remotely using any standard internet browser.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 3.0 × 5.25 in
Transmodulator Series

Base Unit, Null-Packet Unit, Program Filtering Unit

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