FIBT-1310 Series

FIBT-1310 Series

1310nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

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Product Overview

The FIBT-1310 Series (Fiber Optic Transmitter) is an ideal solution to seamlessly transport extremely high-speed digital data over single-mode optical fiber. The product is specifically designed to transport data streams that maintain conformance with the DOCSIS 3.1 standards and/or were generated utilizing high order quantization techniques, such as QAM 1024, 8PSK, AND COFDM.

FIBT-1310 Series Models:

  • FIBT-1310-06 (7603 6) | +6dBm output
  • FIBT-1310-10 (7603 10) | +10dBm output
  • FIBT-1310-13.5 (7603 135) | +13.5dBm output
  • FIBT-1310-15 (7603 15) | +15dBm output

The FIBT-1310 is built with a directly modulated DFB laser, providing low noise and high linearity performance. The RF AGC and pre-distortion circuit ensure the optimum laser drive level for the best overall CNR, CSO, and CTB operation.

Laser output power, unit temperature, and RF input level are accurately monitored by a built-in microprocessor shown on the front panel LCD display, in addition to the unit function messages. Remote status monitoring is provided through SNMP network management.

Key Features

  • 47 to 1218 MHz RF bandwidth for DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility
  • High performance and low power consumption GaAs technology
  • 1310 nm DFB laser in 4 output power levels (6, 10, 13.5, and 15 dBm)
  • RF AGC for optimum laser performance
  • LCD front panel status display with built-in microprocessor
  • SNMP network management for remote monitoring
  • ETL certified

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15.31 × 19 × 1.75 in
dB Value

6dB, 10dB, 13.5dB, 15dB

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