Drake IPI1000

Drake IPI1000

IP Input Module


Product Overview

The IPI1000 is designed for IP stream acquisition for the MEQ1000B multiplexing QAM modulator. The module installs in either the rear panel input bay of a Drake MEQ1000B unit. Programming is via the front panel or the ethernet GUI for the MEQ1000B.

The IPI1000 allows you to add IP streams to custom QAM multiplexes from the MEQ1000 platform units.

Key Features

  • Installs in either input bay A, Input bay B or both on a MEQ1000A/B
  • Accepts UDP or RTP protocols
  • GigE (1000Base-T Ethernet) Input
  • 1 x SPTS or 1 x MPTS (up to 20 program streams, MPTS only)
  • User selectable IP and Port address
  • Supports IGMP v2 or v3, or auto responds with the appropriate version
  • Multiplex with other program streams from various MEQ1000 input modules
  • QAM and ASI output from the MEQ1000
  • Custom MPEG program number or VCT (virtual channel tables) from MEQ1000 if desired

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.0 × 1.5 × 3.25 in

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