Drake MEQ1000B

Drake MEQ1000B

Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator Platform


Product Overview

The Drake MEQ1000B is the industry’s first commercial-grade, multiplexing Hybrid QAM modulator. Ideal for applications where a single QAM output is required from each Hybrid QAM chassis, the MEQ1000B features a variety of plug-in input modules including an ATSC/QAM input tuner, a QPSK/8PSK input tuner, an ASI input, an IP input, as well as a full selection of digital SD and HD encoder modules, bringing an unprecedented level of flexibility to cable operators.

The Drake MEQ1000B has bays for up to two input modules. The video content from both modules enters the main chassis where it is MPEG program-filtered, multiplexed, and groomed. Any number of program streams may be sent to the QAM modulator for Output and/or be exported via the MEQ1000B ASI output.

Key Features

  • High level +61 dBmV, low noise multiplexed RF QAM output
  • RF output range from 54 to 1,002 MHz
  • Simultaneous ASI output of the QAM multi-program transport stream
  • Program filtering & multiplexing from 2 transport streams
  • EAS compatible with SCTE-18 force tune tables
  • Generates custom VCT (Virtual Channel Tables)
  • Field-upgradable firmware

Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 19.0 × 3.5 in

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