Drake DTD1000A

Drake DTD1000A

Digital Tuner & Demodulator Module for ATSC 1.0


Product Overview

The DTD1000A is an MEQ1000B input module which tunes any 8VSB or QAM channel between 54 and 1002 MHz, making it ideal for digital channel processing applications where a single digital video signal is received, error-corrected, clocked (at a user determined fixed rate) and re-modulated on the same or another RF channel.

The DTD1000A may be used to convert one off-air ATSC 8VSB signal to a QAM output with rate adjustment or, when used in the processor mode with only one input, the MEQ1000B can process ATSC or CATV QAM MPEG-2 inputs.

Key Features

  • Installs in either input bay A, Input bay B or both on a MEQ1000B
  • Tunes any 8VSB or QAM channel between 54 and 1002 MHz
  • Multiplex with other program streams from various MEQ1000 input modules
  • QAM and ASI output from the MEQ1000B
  • Custom MPEG program number or VCT (virtual channel tables) from MEQ1000B platform if desired

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.0 × 1.5 × 3.25 in

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