BIDA 5900 Series

Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier

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Product Overview

The BIDA 5900 Series (models: 86B- and 100B-) are professional quality, two-way broadband indoor distribution amplifiers. These amplifiers are ideal for multi-channel RF distribution systems the input source is a “cable drop” or the output of an MATV/SMATV/CATV headend.

5900 Series Models:

  • BIDA-86B-30 (5900 83) – 860MHz / 30dB
  • BIDA-86B-43 (5900 84) – 860MHz / 43dB

Power Doubling:

  • BIDA-86B-30P (5900P83) – 860MHz / 30dB
  • BIDA-86B-43P (5900P84) – 860MHz / 43dB
  • BIDA-100B-30P (5900P13) – 1000MHz / 30dB
  • BIDA-100B-43P (5900P14) – 1000MHz / 43dB

The BIDA 5900 Series models feature RF bandwidths of 860 and 1000 MHz. Push-pull and power doubling hybrid amplifier technologies are available on this series.

The units are factory equipped for 2-way operation and have a 42/54 MHz split. The series leaves the factory set for passive return path operation. Active return path operation can easily be accomplished by re-configuring a few internal jumpers.

The BIDA 5900 Series utilizes an external power transformer providing 26 VAC to the amplifier. This enables the amplifiers to be remotely powered via low voltage AC wiring should a 120 VAC electrical outlet not be in close proximity to the desired amplifier location.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.25 × 3.25 in
MHz Value

30dB – 54-1000 MHz Power Doubling, 30db – 54-860 MHz, 30dB – 54-860 MHz Power Doubling, 43dB – 54-1000 MHz Power Doubling, 43dB – 54-860 MHz, 43dB – 54-860 MHz Power Doubling

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