Satellite to Cable Transcoder Module

The SCT2x4 PLUS, together with the PSM-4 (Power Supply Module), is designed for the HITS (Headend-in-the-Sky) satellite service.

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The SCT2x4 PLUS contains two (2) independent transcoders in a single module. Each transcoder accepts one (1) input in 8PSK format and delivers two (2) QAM channel outputs, therefore each SCT2x4 PLUS module transcodes two (2) satellite transponders to four (4) QAM channels (54-864 MHz).

An integrated satellite selector switch automatically directs programs across two (2) QAM channels based upon the transponder selection. SAT 1's programs are directed to QAM 1 and QAM 2 while SAT 2's programs are directed to QAM 3 and QAM 4. The four (4) output QAM channels can be grouped in any 42 MHz contiguous bandwidth in the frequency range of 54-864 MHz.

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