RMDA 5500 Series

5500 Series

Rack Mounted Distribution Amplifier

The RMDA Series (models: 550-, 750-, 860-, and 1000-) are professional quality, broadband, rack-mounted hybrid distribution amplifiers. The RMDAs are ideal as a headend launch amplifier or distribution amplifier for MATV, SMATV, or CATV applications requiring rack mounting.

RMDA 5500 Series Models:
  • RMDA-550-30 (5500 53) - 550MHz / 30dB
  • RMDA-550-43 (5500 55) - 550MHz / 50dB
  • RMDA-1000-30 (5500 13) - 1000MHz / 30dB
Single Hybrid:
  • RMDA-750-S15 (5500S71) - 750MHz / 15dB
  • RMDA-860-S15 (5500S81) - 860MHz / 15dB
Power Doubling:
  • RMDA-860-30P (5500P83) - 860MHz / 30dB
  • RMDA-860-43P (5500P84) - 860MHz / 43dB

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The RMDA Series amplifiers have built-in variable gain and slope controls. The 5500S models use a single push-pull hybrid module providing excellent performance and economy for headend applications. The 5500 models employ dual push-pull hybrid modules and the 5500P have a push-pull hybrid followed by a power doubling hybrid. The dual hybrid models will have better CNR performance, compared to single hybrid models in applications with low input levels coupled with reduced gain settings. Test ports for both the input and output are provided for monitoring signal levels without interrupting service. The RMDA Series products are housed in a single height, 1.75" high, rack mountable, aluminum chassis that provides exceptional heat dissipation.

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