InfoComm 2021

Blonder Tongue Labs Showcases New OTT Encode and Backhaul IP Video Solutions

New Clearview Encoders and NXG System Capabilities Optimize Over-The-Top Video Performance for Highest Quality on Any Network, Without Costly Infrastructure Updates

Old Bridge, N.J. – October 2021 – Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE American: BDR), a leading US-based designer and manufacturer of telecommunications and video transmission technologies, will showcase a range of new solutions and technology at InfoComm 2021, including the new NXG Edge with OTT adaptive bitrate (ABR) MPEG-Dash and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) capabilities, as well as the Clearview HDMI2 QAM/IP with secure reliable transport (SRT) for OTT video delivery and the recently updated Aircaster™ AQT8.

Demonstrations at the Blonder Tongue booth, #2703, will spotlight the company’s latest technologies that enable faster and lower cost complete ingest and re-distribution of IP and broadcast video services.

“For dealers, system integrators and their technical teams, ABR, MPEG-Dash, HLS, SRT and Zixi are becoming required technologies to dynamically deliver video content over the open internet securely and confidently. Historically, solutions supporting these capabilities required costly overhauls of legacy infrastructure or expensive equipment on-premise,” said Ted Grauch, President and CEO of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “Our latest, highly resilient, hardware-based OTT video delivery solutions help close transitional gaps by enabling dealers and integrators to leverage the latest video technologies without having to replace costly infrastructure. They’re key to future-proofing many operations. And all of these products are designed and manufactured right here in the USA and generally available.”

Blonder Tongue’s highly customizable IP video transcoders, trans-modulators, receivers and re-multiplexing technologies are critical for hospitality and business environments, large residential buildings, MDU properties, SMBs, and other facilities that want to deliver advanced video services as well as combining and redistributing services coming from a mix of sources. These technologies are essential as they not only simplify and streamline new deployments, but can also significantly extend the life of existing equipment by introducing modern capabilities and features that were previously unsupported.

Products on display at Blonder Tongue’s booth include:

Clearview HDMI2 QAM IP Encoder, now with SRT

Clearview HDMI2 QAM IP Encoder, now with SRT encodes 2 HD or SD programs from HDMI sources to QAM or IP output, SRT streams or as Unicast/Multicast SPTS, that can include PSIP for direct digital TV display and digital signage applications. It can encode to MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 (AVC), or H.265 (HEVC) in all major resolutions, from 480i to 1080p60. There are also two Composite video inputs provided for NTSC closed caption input. Like other Clearview Series products, this 1 RU solution features a simple interface to download and upload configuration files for multi-unit deployments and uses ultra-low latency hardware-based video compression, and transrating technology to provide superior video quality at low bit rates.


NXG EDGE with OTT ABR MPEG-Dash & HLS, is a 2RU, module-based digital video processing platform designed for edge and on-premise customer installations. This latest enhancement supports receiving adaptive OTT streams, and can create video services on any generation of legacy coax or ethernet wiring using any type of end-point including digital or analog televisions, legacy Set-Top-Boxes, digital signage TVs or gym equipment. This new blade enables users to encode up to 64 HD or SD ABR sources for custom IP and RF distribution. It includes encoding to ABR, MPEG-DASH and HLS, while supporting resolution that automatically scales up to 1080p60 based on environmental factors. Audio can also be encoded to MPEG-2, AAC, AC3 (Dolby Digital) and MP3 formats.

Updated Aircaster AQT8 Series

Updated Aircaster AQT8 Series enables custom IP and/or QAM output channel lineups from up to 8 off-air ATSC 1.0 or QAM frequencies. This powerful device can create a full lineup of up to 64 channels or program streams in a small 1 RU footprint. The Aircaster AQT8 can distribute video throughout a facility or campus without the need for countless digital converters, external splitters, and legacy one-to-one solutions. The solution enables remote monitoring, signal testing and virtual mapping to reduce truck rolls. It is ideal for incorporating off-air content without paying additional fees for local cable or satellite services.

PEG PLUS, Now with Zixi Encoding

Specialized for Public Access, Educational and Government access channels (PEG), the PEG PLUS is a stand-alone MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 / H.264 digital video encoder from HD-SDI, or composite video input sources, with an IP-encapsulation output via single SFP Ethernet or fiber optic port. The PEG PLUS now includes the Zixi internet output protocol, at no additional cost, enabling users to stream encoded content over unmanaged networks such as the public internet. When paired with Blonder Tongue’s ND-24-IP decoder (with optional Zixi decode license), the two devices can provide a highly reliable point-to-point IP video transport to and from anywhere in the world across any standard internet connection.

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