Are Your Units Running on the Latest Firmware?

Often the smallest of changes will make the biggest of differences.  If you are experiencing a glitch with your unit(s), the first stop in solving your problem is to check to see if you are running the latest firmware.

How do you find that out??  Simple!

Login to your unit. On the main page, go to either the Network, or Admin tab.  Once there, you’ll see the Software Version that your product is running, redlined below.

Latest Firmware

From there, go to our Firmware Updates webpage!


Click on the DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE UPDATES button to gain access to our FTP site and list of products.

Product firmware updates

When you’re in the FTP site, go into the product folder that matches your unit (confirm stock number).  In that folder, along with the firmware update, the latest version will always be the one listed on top of the Release Notes, or Read Me file.


Our Technical Support department is available to assist you, should you need more help.