Are You Ready for the FCC REPACK?

If you are receiving all your TV signals via off-air, you are no doubt aware of the FCC Repack of TV channels, which started with an auction designed to repurpose television airwaves for new usages by wireless companies.

Back in March 2017, the FCC announced that almost 1,000 local television stations must move to new frequencies. The expected completion date is July 3, 2020, which is less than a year away!


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When your time comes, a full re-scan of all your channels will be necessary. For some BT and Drake Digital products, there may be some extra steps needed:

  • You will just need to rescan your TVs if you have:
    • AQT or AQT8 Series
    • AP-60-860
  • You will need to change the RF channels if you have:
    • Change from the front panel:
      • DMM-806
      • DTS-860
    • Change via a web-based GUI
      • DTD-1000A
    • You will need to rescan everything if you have:
      • MDDM Series
      • MDDA Series
      • DAV-860s

BT Labs Tech Service Department is on hand for all your technical and design questions.

Have existing Blonder Tongue product in your headend and are unsure what to do when it comes time for the Repack? Reach out and ask!

You can reach them via email at or by calling 800-523-6049 and asking for our Systems Department.