Pro:Idiom Pass-Through Module

Key Features

  • Reliable, secure HD programming
  • Up to 3 audio streams; up to 11 extra PIDs per program
  • Configurable with both HD & SD programming
  • Ability to change PSIP information
  • Fully independent QAM channels, no QAM channel blocks
  • Supports MPEG-2 and H.264 video
  • Multiplexes SPTS programs to MPTS for QAM output

The NXG-QAM32-ProIdiom-PT (Pro:Idiom Pass-Through Module) holds the same functionality as the NXG-32CH-QM, our 32 Channel QAM Modulator module, while supporting IP Pro:Idiom encryption pass-through to QAM.

Spec Sheet (820.20 kB)
User Manual (2.60 MB)