6776 S

Secure AES-128 Output Encryption Module

Key Features

  • Standardized AES-128 encryption to quality content
  • Protects content to the viewing location
  • Compliant with Service Operator policies
  • Supports custom integration projects

The NXG-BTCrypt-S creates a standardized AES-128 encryption to the output content for the NXG digital video platform. It encrypts single program MPEG-2 IP transport streams pulled off the NXG backplane. The NXG-BTCrypt-S supports the output of up to 256 SPTS channels per each front panel RJ45 GbE ports 1 & 2; ports 3 & 4 are reserved.

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BT Labs’ managed AES-128 output encryption module can be used to provide a secure IP connection to other vendor’s networking equipment or to provide scrambled content all the way to viewing locations. The NXGBTCrypt-S can support fixed, rotating, or custom key exchange.

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