MIBT-S3A Series

Single-mode Fiber Optic Transmitter

The MIBT Series of Fiber Optic broadband CATV transmitters provides a robust system for transferring both analog and digital CATV channels over single-mode optical fiber. The transmitters have an expanded RF bandwidth to 1000 MHz. Typical applications are transferring analog channels from 50 to 550 MHz plus CATV QAM channels between 550 and 1000 MHz.

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The MIBT transmitters utilize the MIRC-12V rack chassis and MIPS-12C power supply for mounting. Each MIBT-S3A occupies 2 slots within the MIRC chassis, therefore up to six (6) MIBT-S3A transmitters can be installed in 2 RU’s. The MIBT uses efficient switching power supplies that accept utility power from 90 to 260 VAC and 50 to 60 Hz.