HDE-8C DIN Series (OPT 2)

6371 Series (Opt 2)

MPEG-2 HD Encoder for DIRECTV with DIN Cables

The HDE-8C DIN (OPT 2) encoders are designed to be used with eight (8) DIRECTV H25 satellite receivers, or any non-H25 receiver source providing component/composite video outputs.

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The HDE-8C-QAM DIN (OPT 2) encoder digitizes and MPEG-2 encodes each input into a high-definition stream. The eight (8) program streams are multiplexed and then modulated onto four adjacent QAM channels in the 54-1002 MHz range (CATV 2-158).  The HDE-8C-QAM/IP DIN (OPT 2) encoder includes an IP output to provide 8xSPTS. The unit ships with a supply of eight (8) H258C DIN Cables to for eight (8) H25 receiver connections. The H258C DIN to RCA Cable can be ordered separately for Non-H25 receiver sources.

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