6372 Series

High Definition Encoder - 4 Programs

The HDE-4S-PRO is especially designed to deliver superior motion optimization for programming, such as fast-paced live sporting events. Additionally, a low latency option is available that significantly reduces the standard encoder operational time delay.

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The Low Latency option is recommended for any applications that encodes and distributes live programming on-site, such as a sporting event within a stadium.
The unit accepts up to four (4) HD programs from HD-SDI format input. MPEG-2 encoded outputs are available in the following formats simultaneously: QAM, IP, and ASI.
To improve transport efficiency, the unit allows the operator to assign up to four (4) programs to each QAM output channel, and individually turn on/off each of the four (4) adjacent QAM output channels.

Spec Sheet (798.63 kB)
User Manual (3.25 MB)