FTTB-1218-L2W Series

7631 Series

Two-Way Indoor Optical Node with DOCSIS 3.1 Support

The FTTB-1218-L2W Series (Two-Way Indoor Optical Node) converts the optical signal received from the headend into a +44 dBmV RF output, while sending upstream cable modem signals over a second fiber back to the headend. Three frequency splits are available to satisfy standard 5-42 MHz, 5-85 MHz, or 5-204 MHz returns for increased bandwidths required for DOCSIS 3.1 applications.

FTTB-1218-L2W Series Models:
  • FTTB-1218-L2W-42 (7631 42) - 42/54 MHz Split
  • FTTB-1218-L2W-85 (7631 85) - 85/105 MHz Split
  • FTTB-1218-L2W-204 (7631 204) - 204/258 MHz Split

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A future proof feature of the FTTB-1218-L2W Series is that its RF diplexers are able to be changed in the field to accommodate increased return bandwidth requirements when demands for more data occur.

The compact housing includes an optical receiver with an LCD display, control keys, RF AGC, adjustable attenuator, adjustable slope, RF amplifier and a return path optical transmitter.

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