FTTB-1218-2W Series

7630 Series

Two-Way Indoor Optical Node with DOCSIS 3.1 Support

The FTTB-1218-2W Series (Two-Way Indoor Optical Node) converts the optical signal received from the headend into a +36 dBmV RF output. The compact housing includes an optical receiver, RF AGC, RF amplifier, and return path optical transmitter. Three (3) frequency splits are available to satisfy standard 5-42 MHz, 5-85 MHz, or 5-204 MHz returns for increased return bandwidths required in DOCSIS 3.1 applications.

FTTB-1218-2W Series Models:
  • FTTB-1218-2W-42 (7630 42) - 42/54 MHz Split
  • FTTB-1218-2W-85 (7630 85) - 85/105 MHz Split
  • FTTB-1218-2W-204 (7630 204) - 204/258 MHz Split

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The FTTB-1218-2W Series has one tri-color LED indicating the optical input status, one bi-color LED indicating return transmitter status as well as calibrated DC test points for receive and transmit optical power.

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