EH244-IP-ASI Platform


Multiplexing Encoder Host with IP and ASI Output

The EH244 Encoder Host Chassis is an ideal platform for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264 video encoding needs due to its many flexible and configurable output options. The EH244-IP-ASI model is designed with a total of 6 input bays and an internal multiplexer that allows the user to construct custom program multiplexes and output them in ASI (transport stream) or IP.

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The EH244 platform is designed to house any combination of Drake’s popular HD or SD encoder modules, including the SDE24A, HDE24A, and SDI24A. The EH244-IP-ASI model includes:

IP: An additional RJ-45 port provides IP encapsulate content from each of the encoder modules (up to 12 programs if using SDE24A modules or six programs if using HDE24A or SDI24A modules) in a Multicast of SPTS or MPTS streams as selected by the user.

ASI: The Quad ASI option provides 4xASI ports that allow users to distribute encoded content as transport streams for monitoring purposes or for additional processing such encryption which may require integration with other vendor supplied products. The internal multiplexer will distribute content to each ASI output port as a mirror of the QAM multiplexes or all data may be routed through a single ASI port of the users choice.

Spec Sheet (627.31 kB)
User Manual (1.19 MB)