DAP Plus

6295 Series

Digital to Analog Processor Plus Broadcaster AFD Software
Limited Availability

DAP (Digital/Analog Processor) accepts one input in 8VSB (digital off-air) or QAM (digital cable) format, and delivers one output in modulated analog RF format; the  DAP PLUS includes the AFD broadcast package. AFD (Active Format Description) is a standard set of codes embedded in the video stream and used by digital television broadcasters to optimally display a 16:9 video format on an analog television set designed for 4:3 video format.

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The  DAP PLUS can be equipped with an optional RNC module (Remote Network Card) for remote monitoring and control operations. One RNC module can monitor and control up to sixty-four DAP PLUS units installed in a headend. Additionally, DAP PLUS can be equipped with an optional ASI module (Asynchronous Serial Interface) that delivers two identical ASI stream outputs, allowing a seamless migration to an all-digital platform.