Clearview 4:2 SD

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24 Channel MPEG-4 to SD (480i) MPEG-2 IP Transcoder

Key Features

  • H.264 to MPEG-2 Transcodes up to 24 HD or SD programs
  • Accepts HD/SD input, IP input to IP output
  • Compatible with Technicolor’s COM3000 DirecTV receivers

The Clearview 4:2 SD is a professional grade low-cost-per-stream video Transcoder, designed to Transcode up to (24) HD or SD programs from H.264/MPEG-4 sources to SD MPEG-2 output in a 1RU form factor. The unit accepts Unicast H.264 video, over IP transport streams and re-encodes the video content to SD MPEG-2 transport streams for IP Unicast delivery.

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Clearview 4:2 SD can be configured to receive up to (24) H.264 AES-128 encrypted IP channels from Technicolor’s COM3000/2000 satellite receivers. The Clearview 4:2 SD decrypts the AES-128 content, Transcodes the decrypted HD or SD H.264 content into SD MPEG-2, while preserving DirecTV “forensic watermarking” and returns the content to the Technicolor COM3000/2000 devices.

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