4230 Series

Signal Analyzer

The BTPRO-1000 is a versatile CATV test instrument for measuring both digital and analog CATV and Broadcast TV signals. Robust, and easy to use, the analyzer provides hours of operating time from its high-capacity battery. The instrument comes complete with a soft carrying case, AC main and automotive chargers.

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An optional Pro:Idiom™ Key Recovery feature is available for hospitality applications that employ Pro:Idiom™ televisions. The option consists of a built-in frequency agile QAM modulator that connects directly to an affected Pro:Idiom™ TV to provide new encryption key information.
Another powerful feature to the RK option is the ability to test TV codec capabilities on both Pro:Idiom™ and standard TV sets. This useful tool allows service providers to easily determine the TV video and audio decoding capability.

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