2342A 1

Field Upgradable DOCSIS 3.0, 16x4 Configuration CMTS

Key Features

  • Best-in-class, lowest cost edge-QAM/CMTS available in USA
  • Powerful Marvell Octeon™ network processor with hardware acceleration
  • Stable, proven industry standard Linux operating system
  • Field upgradable 16x4 to 32x10 with SW license

The BT-CMTS-1604-U supports 16 DS and 4 US channels. A maximum of 1 Gb/s is supported, as the total aggregate US/DS bandwidth throughput using higher order modulation schemes.

Based on optimal SNR conditions in a DOCSIS network, the BT-CMTS-1604-U can support up to 1000 cable modems.

NOTE: To access the Manual, select the "HELP" icon located at the upper right corner of the user interface.

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