BIDA 5400 Series

5400 Series

Broadband Indoor Distribution Amplifier

The BIDA 5400 Series (models: 550- and 750-) are professional quality, broadband, two-way capable, indoor hybrid distribution amplifiers. These amplifiers are ideal for multi-channel RF distribution systems for which the input source is a “cable drop” or the output of a MATV/SMATV/CATV headend.

BIDA 5400 Series Models:
  • BIDA-550-30 (5400 53) - 550MHz / 30dB
  • BIDA-550-50 (5400 55) - 550MHz / 50dB
  • BIDA-750-30 (5400 73) - 750MHz / 30dB

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The BIDA-5400 Series is available in either 550 or 750 MHz bandwidths with push-pull hybrid technology. For 2-way operation, optional field installable diplexers and return amplifers are are used to provide either an active or passive 5-30 MHz return. Passive return configurations require only the diplexers, whereas active return requires installation of both the diplexers and the amplifier.

Spec Sheet (785.82 kB)
User Manual (446.08 kB)