BAVM-860SAW - Ch 37-79

5990A 550

Saw Filtered Channelized Audio/Video Modulator

The BAVM-860SAW Series 860 is an economical commercial quality TV modulator. It provides a +55 dBmV RF output on any specified CATV channel from 37 to 79 (300 to 550 MHz). Some channels have been discontinued and are no longer available. Consult the channel list below for what is in stock.

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HRC and IRC frequency plans are also available. The BAVM-860SAW is ideal for placing A/V program sources such as satellite receivers, VCR’s, DVD’s, cameras or TV demodulators onto standard 6 MHz NTSC TV channels for broadband distribution.

Spec Sheet (1.69 MB)
User Manual (1.19 MB)