Aircaster™ AQT8-QAM/IP


ATSC/QAM Transmodulator

The Aircaster AQT8-QAM/IP allows the user to create a custom IP and QAM output from off-air and/or QAM input sources. The unit accepts eight 8VSB off-air or QAM sources and simultaneously outputs these SPTS and/or MPTS programs in IP and/or QAM. At the same time, the AQT8-QAM/IP can be configured in Pass-through mode, which directly maps the demodulated RF port content in MPTS format to IP output.

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For off-air applications, the AQT8-QAM/IP has a 2:1 Mux Mode feature, which allows you to multiplex two off-air sources to one MPTS for QAM distribution.

The AQT8-QAM/IP can accept encrypted QAM sources, and output the encrypted IP transport streams programs in MPTS or SPTS formats, while preserving the MPEG tables (PAT, PMT, PSIP, VCT, and MGT) from the source. The unit allows the user to change the PID, program number, short name, and major/minor channel (PSIP) information on any program.

The AQT8-QAM/IP supports up to eight QAM-256 outputs that are agile from 54 to 1002 MHz as long as all eight outputs are kept within a 768 MHz span.

The AQT8-QAM/IP features Emergency Alert System (EAS) program switching through either an ASI or IP format EAS input, and terminal block contacts for triggering EAS messages.

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