ATSC/QAM Transcoder

The AQT8-IP is especially designed to allow operators to create a customized channel line up from off-air and/or cable feeds for IPTV distribution. The customizable IP output contains up to 20 programs with a combination of SPTS and/or MPTS across eight (8) IP addresses from eight (8) RF input sources.

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The unique MPEG-2 tables (PAT, PMT, PSIP, VCT and MGT) associated with each of the selected input programs are transferred to the IP outputs. This means the virtual channel numbers and program names on the IP outputs can be the same as their RF program input sources. Additionally, the unit gives the user the ability to change the PID, Program #, Short Name, Major and Minor Channel (PSIP) information.

The AQT8-IP features Emergency Alert System (EAS) program switching through either an ASI or IP format EAS input, and terminal block contacts for triggering EAS messages.