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Product Firmware Updates

The link below will navigate you to our FTP site where you can download the latest firmware revisions for our products. Please be careful to insure you download the correct file(s) for your particular unit, as there may be more than one model version available depending on the hardware used.

The most accurate way to find the correct file(s) is by Stock Number rather than Model name. Typically Blonder Tongue uses 4 digit stock numbers with subsequent hardware revisions (if deemed a significant change) indicated by a letter at the end (####A). This is important as different firmware files are generally required between revisions. Installing the wrong files can crash the unit, requiring it to be returned to BT for repair!

Update Instructions

The instructions below are intended as a general guide only. Please refer to the unit’s Instruction Manual for specific instructions. Depending on the unit, either 1 or 2 files will be required for new revision changes.

NOTE: It is recommended to copy the files to the root directory of your computer ie:
My Computer > C:/

The updating procedure uses the Command Prompt application on your computer. For Windows, it can be found under Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. All commands are case sensitive and file names must be entered exactly. The Command Prompt must be in the same folder as the EPCS file.

  1. From the Command Prompt, type: (NOTE: There are spaces between “ftp” and “–A” as well as spaces between “–A” and the IP address. This example assumes the default IP address. Use current IP address of the unit.)
    ftp -A
    Press ENTER
  2. After you connect with the FTP server, type:
    Press ENTER
  3. Type the following into the next prompt: (NOTE: Use exact file name)
    put EPCS_1_ver#.bin
    Press ENTER (NOTE: The next command is ONLY for those units requiring 2 file updates)
    put EPCS_2_ver#.bin
    Press ENTER
  4. Once this command is successfully executed, type:
    Press ENTER
  5. To telnet into the unit from the Command Prompt, type: (NOTE: Assumes default IP)
    Press ENTER
  6. Log into the unit using the following username:
    Press ENTER
  7. Type in the following password:
    Press ENTER
  8. Once you are logged in, type:
    cd home/ftp
    Press ENTER
  9. Next type the following into the Command Prompt:
    Press ENTER
  10. In order for the update to download and install onto the unit, type: (NOTE: There are spaces between “epcs” and “-e1” as well as spaces between “-e1” and the file name. Use exact file name.)
    epcs –e1 EPCS_1_ver#.bin
    Press ENTER
    Once epcs –e1 has completed erasing sectors and writing pages, type: (NOTE: ONLY for those units requiring 2 file updates)
    epcs –e2 EPCS_2_ver#.bin
    Press ENTER

The unit must be rebooted once the update has finished being applied to complete the update process. To reboot the unit use telnet and enter the following:

epcs –c