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Apps By Blonder Tongue

Increase Your Customer Base and 
Revenue with BT's BaR GameChanger App

Blonder Tongue's BaR GameChanger App, a successful offering of a personalized TV control service to Bars & Restaurants, gives staff the ability to control all viewing locations just
by using a free app on a mobile device.

To reach all customers, the BaR GameChanger is now available on Google Play for Android users.

We also created YouTube videos to help you learn how to SetupConfigure and 
Operate the app with the HDE-8C encoder/modulator series. 

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For more information, and to find out how the BaR GameChanger can positively
enhance your customers' business, call us today at 1-800-523-6049.

The BT-AcTS App clarifies CATV and IPTV Acronyms, Terms, and Symbols, which are further clarified in the BT Series of "Alphabet Soup" training videos on YouTube.

BT-AcTS is a convenient tech-tool, not only for the broadband communications engineer or
technician, but for anyone in video programming, sales, marketing, or management.  
By knowing the "language", everything else will make more sense.

Download                   Download

The RFreq App is our original tech-tool for looking up Frequencies and/or Channel Numbers quickly and easily.

Communications engineers and technicians could refer to this app to get:

Cable TV (CATV) and Over the Air (OTA) Broadcast
Ch. Number, Center Frequency, Visual Carrier, Aural Carrier, and Bandwidth
Wi-Fi (802.11)
Protocol (802.11a, 802.11bg, 802.11n), Ch. Number, Frequency,
Regulatory Domain (Americas, EMEA, Japan, Other)  

Download                   Download

Using the RFreq App:

Launch app by touching icon on your device:

At the bottom of the screen, select 
what channel and frequency you need, 
or click BT for a product 

Select the channel or frequency 
that you'd like to know by touching 
the respective blue arrow.

The full range of channels are listed to the right, 
select your range, and then choose the appropriate 
number to the left. Click at the top left menu 
to return to your channel info.

RFreq™ Q&A

Q:   I'm looking for the frequency information on digital channels.  Isn't analog dead?  Why do you have analog information?

RFreq™ lists channel band edges, center frequency and legacy analog visual and carrier frequencies.  Typically when referring to digital TV broadcasts in 8VSB or digital CATV QAM channels, the center frequencies are used.  This app is for frequency referencing only, and requires the user to know what the source is.  The digital transition (ie. the death of analog) primarily refers to when full power TV stations moved to digital broadcasts in 2009, or the fact that large CATV plants are moving toward all digital.  However, as things are still changing, and for many niche/legacy applications where analog is still being used (like low power and translator broadcasts; businesses and schools CATV ...), it is helpful to technical personnel to have easy access to all of the frequency information (which is why we developed RFreq™).