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PRODUCT FINDER — If you know what you have and what you want to change it to, we'll have you covered with our Product Finder.  This slick tool will help you narrow down what you need with just a few simple questions about what you have and what you want.  Stay Tuned...

In the meantime, see the latest collection of products available in our 
2016 Solutions Portfolio Flipbook.  It ranges from Single to Multi-Channel HD Encoders, Modulators, Transcoders, DOCSIS Products, as well as Test & Measurement Equipment.  Call us today with any inquiries: 800-523-6049.

You can also utilize the hyperlinks below for specification sheets, presentations/product wepages.  Note: you will need to register or sign in to view product webpages.

Spec Sheet

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LiveCast Content Aquisition SDI Encoder: 1xHD/SD-SDI inputs to 1xIP output
STEP Series Multi-Screen Streaming: MPEG-2 to H.264, HD to SD, Adaptive Bit Rate
HDIP High Definition IPTV: 1xHD/SD-SDI inputs to 2xIP output streams (2xSPTS)
HDE-CSV-QAM HD: 1xComponent/HD-SDI/HDMI/VGA/Component inputs; 1xQAM/ASI/IP outputs
HDE-CHV-QAM HD: 1xComponent + HDMI + VGA + Component inputs; 1xQAM/ASI/IP outputs
HDE-1C-QAM HD: 1xComponent/Composite inputs; 1xQAM output
HDE-8C-QAM HD: 8xComponent/Composite+1xSpare inputs to 4xQAM outputs  BaR GameChanger
HDE-8C-QAM/IP HD: 8xComponent/Composite+1xSpare inputs to 4xQAM/8xIP outputs
HDE-4S-PRO Optimized HD: 4xHD-SDI + 1xSpare inputs to 4xQAM/4xIP/4xASI outputs; EAS
HDE-4S-QAM HD: 4xHD-SDI + 4xComponent inputs to 4xQAM/IP/ASI outputs; EAS
HDE-HVC-PRO Optimized HD: 1xHDMI/VGA/Component/Composite inputs to 1xQAM/ASI/IP outputs
SDE-4AV-QAM   SD/HD: 4xAV inputs to 1xQAM/ASI/IP outputs  [ Upgradable to HDE-HVC-PRO ] 
HDE-2S-IP HD/SD: 2xHD-SDI or 8xSD-SDI inputs to 2xASI (mirrored)/1xIP outputs
SDE-6S-ASI SD: 6xSD-SDI/6xNTSC inputs to 1xASI outputs  [ Upgradable to HDE-2S-IP ] 
HDE-2H/2S-QAM HD: 2xHDMI/2xHD-SDI/4xComponent inputs; 4xQAM/IP/ASI outputs; EAS

Spec Sheet

Presentation or Product Webpage
4K MOD 4K Content Over RF: 4xIP inputs to 4xQAM outputs
HDDM HD Decoder: Clear QAM/IP inputs to HD-SDI/HDMI/Compontent outputs
FlexCoder Flexible Transcoder: IP/ASI/RF (opt) inputs to IP/ASI/QAM outputs
EQAM-420B EdgeQAM with EAS: 2xIP inputs; 16xQAM outputs

Spec Sheet

Presentation or Product Webpage
AQT8 Series Transcoders Digital Broadcast: 8xATSC/QAM inputs; QAM/IP outputs (3 models available)
BT-CMTS-3000 DOCSIS Cable Modem Termination System
DMCCA DOCSIS: Modem Carrier Card Assembly
QTM-HD-4 QAM Transcoder: QPSK/8PSK input to QAM 256 output
Sentinel 200  IP Control & Monitoring: Custom Remote Server for DISH satellite receivers

Test & Measurement Equipment
MTSA-PRO now w/ HEVC support Test & Measurement: MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer; ASI/RF/IP to USB
BTPRO-7000 S Test & Measurement: HD Tablet/Touch Signal Analyzer for Satellite & CATV
BTPRO-7000 CM  Test & Measurement: HD Tablet/Touch Signal Analyzer w/ DOCSIS CM Option
BTPRO-1000  Test & Measurement: QAM/8VSB/Analog Analyzer w/ Pro:Idiom™ key option