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Published Articles

Blonder Tongue has had numerous articles and advertisements published across a variety of mediums. Below is a listing of some of our recent published pieces.

Top 100 MDU Technology Providers

Broadband Communities

Owners of multiple-dwelling-unit properties rely on these providers for technology amenities.  The 2016 MDU Top 100 list celebrates companies that serve the MDU market as technology partners.

Published: A BBC Staff Report
Date: 10/2016
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End-to-End Video Streaming from Blonder Tongue

The Broadcast_Bridge

Blonder Tongue is highlighting a live video streaming encoding solution and a 4K modulator at the 2016 NAB Show in booth SU6605.  Blonder Tongue's LiveCast encoder and HDDM decoder is described as an 'Edge-to-Cloud' Solution to deliver end-to-end live video streaming.  The LiveCast is an acquisition encoder that will take an SDI source and transport live video over the internet to a cloud-based video media, or service provider...

Date: 03/2016
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Emily Nikoo, BT's EVP Represented as a Prestigious "Top Women in Technology"

Cablefax's Top Women in Technology

These women in tech are making monumental differences in our ever-changing industry. Nikoo is working to further Blonder Tongue Laboratories' outreach in the MSO and private cable operator realm, to obtain greater placement in the 4K/Ultra HD, streaming, and IPTV delivery arena...

Published: Cablefax Magazine
Date: 11/2015
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Top 100 Online Video Companies for 2016 Announced by Streaming Media

By Streaming Media magazine and

The Top 100 list recognizes companies which have had a significant impact on the online video ecosystem. "Out of all the companies delivering technologies and services in the streaming media industry, these are the 100 that our editorial team determined to be the most innovative, influencial, and important."

Published: prweb
Date: 10/6/2015
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Live From Pan Am Games: For Broadcast Services International, IBC Operations Are All in the Family

By Karen Hogan, Senior Editor

With 41 countries participating in 36 sports (10 more than were contested in the 2012 Summer Olympics), producing a world feed for the quadrennial Pan Am Games is no easy feat.

Continued in 9th paragragh: Server equipment central racks, routers, and CATV and IPTV systems reside in a nearby equipment room.  BSI installed a large contribution network... Blonder Tongue CATV and IPTV systems (feeds are distributed to team hotels and selected venues)...

Published: SVG (Sports Video Group)
Date: 7/10/2015
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Ben Tongue, Television Engineering Pioneer, Dies July 4

By James O'Neil

Ben H. Tongue, co-founder of Blonder Tongue Laboratories, dies on July 4.  He was 90.  Tongue held engineering degrees from both Northeastern University and Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and worked at several electronics firms, including Federal Telephone and Radio Corp. and Panoramic Radio Corp., before partnering with Isaac S. Blonder in early 1950...

Published: TVTechnology
Date: 7/10/2015
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The Internet Is Too Powerful For Utility Treatment

By Steve Hegge

Don't tell Washington, but American Internet is evolving at a rapid pace. Through the use of our high-speed digital networks, doctors have the ability to share heath records across the country in a flash. Students can now stream high-definition video and share its content with their peers instantaneously.  This is no surpise...

Published: CableFax
Date: 4/15/2015
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NAB 2015 Satellite & Remote Preview

By Joey Gill

Blonder Tongue will unleash the STEP Scalable Transcoder-Encoder Platform, capable of performing high-quality HD/SD MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding/transcoding.  Also new are the FlexCoder, which combines edgeQAM, off-air transcoding, and IP grooming technology...

Published: TVTechnology
Date: 4/07/2015
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Blonder Tongue Introduces New HD Encoders Supporting Dolby Digital

By Robert Archer

Blonder Tongue is an Old Bridge, NJ-based manufacturer of video distribution products for the Commercial market.  Adding to its selection of encoding solutions the Garden State manufacturer announced its HDE-CSV-QAM and HDE-CHV-QAM MPEG-2 HD encoders. The company explains the HD encoders are designed to support a variety of input options, and they are capable of delivering quality video over IP or RF...

Published: Commercial Integrator
Date: 3/10/2015
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How Cable Can Maximize Business and Enterprise Revenue with Expanded Offerings

By Emily Nikoo

Cable operators looking to maximize and maintain revenue opportunities in the competitive world of small, medium and enterprise business services need to offer comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of verticals. That includes doctor’s offices, retail stores, fitness centers, corporate or government campuses, universities, airports, hospitals, arenas and hotels. To fit the needs of each unique environment...

Published: CableFax
Date: 10/29/2014
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Blonder Tongue CCW 2014 Exhibitor Preview

Toner Cable Equipment Exhibiting WIth Blonder Tongue Products at Booth 946.  At CCW 2014, at the Toner Cable booth, Blonder Tongue, a leading manufacturer of SD and HD digital video solutions, will demonstrate the latest MPEG-2 encoders, transcoders, TV signal analyzers, and MPEG transport stream analyzers designed to optimize television distribution.

Published: Broadcasting & Cable 
Date: 10/22/2014
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NYU's TV Center Goes Digital with Blonder Tongue


When New York University's Campus Cable and TV Center transitioned from analog to digital, the team recognized an opportunity to improve the quality of the television services the university offers to its resident population of approximately 12,000. Faced with the challenge of building a completely new headend, the NYU team had to find digital television (DTV) solutions that would bring efficiency and reliability to...

Published: Sound & Video Contractor 
Date: 10/2014
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Blonder Tongue Shows MTSA-PRO MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer

By Frank Beacham

Blonder Tongue has introduced the MTSA-PRO MPEG transport stream analyzer designed to help television operators understand what is going on inside their digital transmission. Utilizing the compact device with a computer, users can capture, analyze and generate MPEG ASI transport streams to troubleshoot problems from outside sources and ensure the best digital delivery. The MTSA-PRO...

Published: TV News Check 
Date: 05/13/2014

Blonder Tongue Unveils AQT8 Series Transcoder/Channel Processor

Blonder Tongue Laboratories recently announced that its AQT8 Series transcoder is now shipping. Through a high density, low-cost, flexible 1RU chassis, the AQT8 Series transcoder provides operators with a transcoding solution for multi-channel processing, reducing the equipment, space and power needed for QAM or IPTV in-house distribution...

Published: Government Video 
Date: 05/07/2014

How’s It’s Done: Building a Future-Proof QAM & IP System for the Education Market

By Wes Waite

Many players within our industry have made it through the digital revolution and are in the midst of transitioning to IPTV, but with that being said there are still a lot of coax architectures in commercial buildings around the country (e.g., corporate campuses, universities, airports, hotels, retail stores, etc.) that want to support video distribution. For those applications, is QAM or IP the best solution? The answer is...

Published: AV Technology
Date: 04/28/2014
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What to Look for When Purchasing an Encoder for Your School

By Emily Nikoo, and Jeff Smith

Many schools and universities are looking to enhance the educational and teaching experience through the delivery of high-quality, HD video content to the classroom, including live video coverage of important lectures and ceremonies. However, before they’re able to deliver HD video content, critical infrastructure changes must be made. Given the growing number of video formats, devices, and browsers used...

Published: Creative Planet Network
Date: 03/27/2014
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The Best of Both Worlds: Digital Video Encoding – Supporting QAM Distribution and IPTV Streaming for In-House Systems

By Wes Waite

Digital video encoders are much more complex than their predecessors, analog modulators, which makes them much more versatile, broadening the number of users and use cases for the same content and where it can be viewed. One of the most common applications is to use simultaneous QAM and IP outputs together to deliver RF QAM signals to traditional digital TV sets, while also delivering IP to the...

Published: TV Technology/Broadcast Engineering
Date: 03/06/2014
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Key Requirements of a High-Performance Video Encoder (on page 38)

By Ken Kovach

Have you ever compared your High Definition video encoder input against its output? You may be surprised to find out what’s missing! The encoding process is a means to compress data and therefore reduce the number of bits for delivery over an IP or RF system network. This is not a simple process or an exact one. There is the software required to effectively compress or encoding the input, all video encoders...

Published: AV Technology
Date: 02/28/2014
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Doing More With HD: Encoder Advances Cut Cost per Channel

By Jeff Smith of Blonder Tongue, and Tim Sullivan of NSC

Today, the biggest issue with respect to HD video in the government space is a simple one: tight budgets for investing in new technology. Fortunately, with the ongoing evolution of video systems, users can do much more for less money than in the past. One of the most effective ways to minimize expenditures is to reduce the per-channel cost of HD video distribution, and this need is being addressed by....

Published: Government Video 
Date: 12/17/2013
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Blonder Tongue Ships Encoding Solution for HD Video Delivery

By AV Network Staff

Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. is shipping its new encoding solution to deliver cost-effective, high-quality HD video content for educational, enterprise, hospitality, healthcare, government, and pro AV applications.  Priced under $850 USD...

Published: AV Network
Date: 11/05/2013
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