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Contract Manufacturing Services

One of the more attractive services Blonder Tongue has to offer is turnkey / box-build manufacturing processes.  To obtain specific information, please e-mail us at

In addition to accurately populating our customer’s printed circuit boards with components, we thoroughly inspect each board, both electronically and visually, for presence of components and correctness.  

We also have the capabilities for pretesting, troubleshooting and repairing boards if required - as well as assembly of the boards into chassis’ and run final testing to complete each product.

Our Purchasing department has the capabilities and experience of procuring all items required from electronic components and sheet metal to packaging materials.
Once items arrive on our receiving dock, the incoming inspection arm of our Quality Control department will inspect all incoming items to assure each item meets the specifications before assembly.
Our internal sheet metal Fabrication shop is capable of punching, forming, fastener assembly and silk-screening chassis’.
Once our customer’s product is completed and tested per their requirements, we Package and Ship the product to locations specified by that customer.

To obtain specific information, please e-mail us at