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Office & Manufacturing Headquarters

One Jake Brown Road, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 800-523-6049 • Fax: 732-679-4353

Sales Department

Tom Lowden
Inside Sales Manager

TEL: 800-523-6049 
ext 4375
FAX: 732-679-4353

Business Development & MSO Sales


Don Young
Director of Business Development 
TEL:   727-614-9201
CELL: 678-296-9041

Jeff Smith

Vice President of Sales
TEL:   512-238-6973
CELL: 732-491-5657

International Sales 
(All countries other than US & Canada)


Customer Service

Jeanie Kirkpatrick
TEL: 800-523-6049 ext 4320
FAX: 800-336-6295

Technical Support

Sales and Service

Liz Rapelye
Manager, Sales &
Service Communications

TEL: 732-679-4000 ext 4261
FAX: 732-679-4353


Lauren Yesler
Marketing Communications

TEL:  732-679-4000 ext 4225
FAX: 732-679-4353

Publications & Catalog Requests

Investor Relations  IR webpage