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OLD BRIDGE, NJ / May 16, 2017 / 
Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE MKT:BDR) a leading designer and manufacturer of pro-AV solutions 
will bring more than 65 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence with solid history of delivering reliable, quality products to the 2017 InfoComm Show, on June 14-16, in Booth # 3661, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL.

Zixi IP Processor (ZIPP) - Soon To Be Released

Content Acquisition Processor


Blonder Tongue will demonstrate their pre-released ZIPP (Zixi IP Processor), which provides an "On Ramp" and "Off Ramp" to Zixi's Broadcaster for content providers to distribute high-quality live linear encoded (MPEG-2/H.264/H.265) programs anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The ZIPP utilizes Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver software functionality to send and receive content from a Zixi Broadcaster allowing content to be delivered quickly, easily, and securely without relying on traditional methods, such as satellite and fiber.


The unit operates in two Zixi software modes:

  • ZIPP Mode: Accepts high-quality encoded video programs in IP, ASI, or RF formats and sends up to four (4) IP transport streams to a Zixi Broadcaster using the "Zixi Push" feature.
  • UNZIPP Mode: Receives up to four (4) Zixi IP transport streams from a Zixi Broadcaster using the "Zixi Pull" feature and simultaneously outputs these programs in IP, ASI, or RF QAM formats.

High-Quality HD Decoder Module (HDDM)

Professional & Affordable
HD Video Decoder

Blonder Tongue will demonstrate their HDDM, an affordable, professional video device that can decode a single IP transport stream, off-air digital 8VSB channel, or a program from a clear QAM source. The unit accepts content in either MPEG-2 or H.264 video formats and simultaneously outputs 1x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1xHDMI, 1xComponent, and 1xComposite video interfaces with embedded audio or separate analog audio.

The HDDM can be used as a stand-alone high-quality decoder, or used together with Blonder Tongue’s new ZIPP (Zixi IP Processor), LiveCast encoder, or HDIP encoder to provide an end-to-end IP video delivery solution. Comprehensive remote monitoring and control is accomplished using any standard Web browser via a rear-panel 10/100 Ethernet connection.

New Release in Popular HDE-8C Encoder Series

Professional & Affordable 
HDE-8C Series of Encoders


Blonder Tongue will highlight their new release in its popular line of HDE-8C encoders. The new HDE-8C-QAM DIN offers the ability to deliver eight (8) HD programs in just 1RU to preserve valuable rack space. The encoder is designed to be seamlessly interconnected to eight (8) DTV H25 satellite receivers using factory supplied DIN cables. The unit digitizes and MPEG-2 encodes each input into an HD stream. The eight (8) program streams are multiplexed and then modulated onto four (4) adjacent watermarked QAM channels in the 54-1002 MHz range (CATV 2-158).

Blonder Tongue's cost-effective and reliable
HDE-8C-QAM, w/Opt 1, and w/Opt 2, accepts up to eight (8) analog programs from 8xComponent and 8xComposite inputs. The encoder is equipped with a spare input (9th input) to replace any one of the primary eight inputs in the event of a failure. Just like the new "DIN", the HDE-8C-QAM digitizes, MPEG-2 encodes each input into an HD stream, and then modulates them onto four (4) adjacent QAM channels in the 54-1002 MHz range (CATV 2-158). The HDE-8C-QAM provides any one of the four (4) QAM outputs also available in ASI format.

HDE-8C-QAM/IPw/Opt 1, and w/Opt 2, functions identically as the HDE-8C-QAM, except these units also have the ability to output 8xIP HD programs for compatibility with IPTV networks.

New Headend Dashboard Controller


Blonder Tongue will demonstrate their newly released BT-HE-DASHBOARD, providing operators the ease and convenience of controlling multiple HDE-8C-QAM w/Opt 2, HDE-8C-QAM DIN, AQT8-QAM/IP, and AQT8-IP units through a signle IP address mapped to the headend(s). The BT-HE-DASHBOARD controls and monitors up to twenty (20) supported units and has the provision to remotely update firmware for each unit simultaneously.

The compact surface mount unit can be installed horizontally or vertically to any flat surface, such as a wall, side of a rack/cabinet or in a headend rack shelf, and is powered with a supplied 12VDC external power supply.

Integrated In-House IP Streaming Server, and STEP-UHD Ultra HD Encoder

(click image for larger view)

Studio LiveLAN™ System

STEP-UHD Encoder Platform

Blonder Tongue will demonstrate their new Studio LiveLAN™ solution that allows operators to deploy high-quality IP video over Local Area Networks (LAN) to any mobile or desktop device at a cost-effective price.
The Studio LiveLAN™ system is an end-to-end solution that enables distribution of live content over existing LAN, including Wi-Fi.  Blonder Tongue has seamlessly integrated a Channel Selection Menu, Just-in-Time Transcoding, and HLS Streaming into a single 2RU server.

The Studio LiveLAN™ system is specifically tailored to applications where a large number of live programs are available (>100), and where it is not necessary to deliver all of them simultaneously. By not transcoding all programs at the same time, the overall system cost is reduced for a more affordable solution.

Blonder Tongue will also introduce their new STEP-UHD, an ultra HD encoder platform, specifically developed to reliably support content providers and broadcasters when streaming IP content in high-quality, 4K/UHD resolutions.  

The platform is capable of accepting 4x3G-SDI inputs, and a baseband signal with embedded audio can be encoded into a variety of high-quality resolutions with bit rates from up to and including 4K resolution.  

The STEP-UHD supports RTP, UDP, IP and MPEG-2 transport streams.

Visit us in Booth # 3661 at the 2017 InfoComm Show to learn more.
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